“Cityreading – Ride and Discovery” is a cultural journalism project focusing on the juncture between Literature, Publishing and Digital Entertainment. The project aims at defining a literary ecosystem focusing upon the urban context of reference.

Reading Entertainment Media

Cityreading is a publishing project referring specifically to the entertainment and media sector. It is an online daily newspaper giving specific news in the entertainment and cultural sector with particular attention to the publishing side with literary comment, interviews, the latest book reviews and reader’s short stories. Apart from an up-to-date dairy of significant cultural events in the cities, there is a booklist which might prove useful for further investigation. Cityreading is the newspaper platform as opposed to to the App of the same name.   Cityreading App is a sort of literary map bringing together literary extracts and storytelling to illustrate the symbolic places along the itinerary.

Our propose

The project will have significant social aspects regarding all mobile and desktop activity. The basis of the project will be built around the creation of literary content inherent to the city’s symbolic places, a mapping of the city’s narrative for default itineraries through storytelling and the reading of extracts from literary works

Our Values

Cityreading proposes a methodology of first use of literary content . The idea is to develop a connection with the city , as a place of geo-referencing of the user, in order to stimulate the relationship with reading through entertainment- media -gaming


The Cityreading project aims at creating a citizen’s community interested in culture and literature in general, the Home Towner being the primary target of reference. The tourist represents a secondary target to reach through stimulating interest in the guided discovery of the town: this strategy aims at avoiding competition with platforms entirely dedicated to tourism


Cityreading aims at establishing a stable community interested in the book market and the cultural and narrative content. The community must have strong citizen based roots though, at the same time, willing to use cityreading as an instrument for the cultural understanding of other places. Connecting narrative to place is the strategy to bolster book sales that notoriously pay a price to digital devices


The platform supporting the project’s editorial line will develop, above all, the initial engagement tool with the user by developing the user’s desktop activity.

A literary map

Belonging to the city so as to be able to consult relevant literary abstracts

Cityreading news

Will be a section containing news with comment of a literary nature, important events, interviews, book reviews, and the presence of short stories put forward by users.

Writing proposal

The site-user writing proposal aims to stimulate the submission of stories to be examined by the cityreading editorial staff. The text will be disseminated exclusively in digital format via book stores.

Desktop Reading

Via the Google World Wonder Project and Street View technology you can virtually replicate the default itineraries in the reading section of the mobile App

The digital contents distribution component will be fully calibrated on social networks, iterations with users to be held through the major social channels (Facebook and Twitter). The users can indicate texts to be included on the literary map, send in articles, offer comment, implement the user’s map via short issues uploaded by the mobile App that give rise to weekly social contests with book prizes, send in manuscripts with the desktop self-publishing service and participate in the quarterly literary social contest and win the book’s publication

Social Based



The gaming, expected to draw on and strengthen the local community, consists in encouraging the publication of content on the “Cityreading” platform.The player will have access to a system of incentives if he manages to meet the publication standards set by the platform.

Daily range

The user in this mode will have as an objective the correlation of points of interest with the aim of publishing preset itineraries

Weekly range

The user in this mode will exploit the writing utility and will be able to insert a maximum of 2 pin markers during the week. The weekly range will assign a partial score for the monthly contest. This “mini game”will have a score assigned and though small, it will encourage the gamer, even if he loses, to try the utility again.

Monthly range

The monthly contest will be determined by the progress in the daily and weekly contests, in this way the user will have to use the tool in the short period to ensure a win over the long period.

Team members

Organisational structure of the project team

Domenico Agnello

CEO e Founder

Ph.D. and post-doctoral studies in political philosophy – Senior Advisor PwC Italy
in social and digital innovation

Nicolò Pizzillo

Project Manager

He graduated in Marketing and Communications and is a Marketing and Communications manager

Pasquale Dipollina

Production Manager

He graduated in Public Communications and completed a Master in Project Management c/o Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper

Davide Mari

Digital Maker

He is graduating at Palermo Fine Arts Academy. Graphic and Web Designer

Beatrice Agnello

Editorial Coordinator

She graduated in Philosophy, holds writing workshops and is an editorial consultant. She’s an expert in literary readings

Sveva Alagna

Journalist, Senior content editor

She graduated in Entertainment Studies and Multimedia Production. She’s a professional journalist writing on cultural and life-style events

Antonella Cacioppo

Junior Journalist and content editor

She graduated in Legal Studies and deals with creative writing

Letizia Lipari

Junior Journalist and content editor

She graduated in Classics and deals with creative writing

Federico Nuzzo

Legal advisor

He graduated in Legal Studies and deals with copyright protection

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“Cityreading – Ride and Discovery ” is a spin – off of Kappaelle Comunicazione&Eventi born within the project PAC02L2_00167 SMART HERITAGE, project of digital use of artistic and monumental heritage.